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New MacBook to have glass trackpad (End of September)
Published 30 July 8 3:32 AM | John Liu .NET: Time for Fun in .NET
Source I've got to say the multi-touch glass screen on the iPhone is pretty neat - and I've seen the multi-tracking trackpad on the macbook. Trisnadi Kurniawan (we call him Tristan ) owns one. Couple of other guys in the office already have, or are getting their MacBooks soon and dual boots daily. Personally I'm still not convinced the MacBook is worth twice the cost of other notebooks such as...
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Starting another journey, again
Published 4 July 8 6:30 PM | John Liu .NET: Time for Fun in .NET
I've finished one leg of my journey at Oakton and have decided to return to my old company to continue my consultant dream. The reasons are long and numerous, but I'd just say that the biggest factor is there was a really good situation for me and I grabbed it before the window of opportunity disappeared. In a sense I feel I've learned a lot in the three years I've spent wandering around in the wilderness, I've experienced: Product development...
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