• KendoUI - Grid - Footer Template Formatting

    Ran into an issue today whereby I was showing an aggregated Sum in the footer of a column. This worked correctly but the number was not formatted and showed 6 decimal places. Looking through the KendoUI docs and forums yielded plenty of results, but this was all for client side binding and formatting. Read More...
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  • Suggestion - Visual Studio 2013 - Team Explorer Home window

    I have been using Visual Studio 2013 for a while now (Preview, RC and now RTM) and one thing that I believe can improve the development experience is the Team Explorer - Home window/hub. Read More...
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  • Javascript Corner - Font Awesome

    I have been Font Awesome over the last year for all my web projects. It's goal is to do away with all the images that you need for a modern web application and replace them with a single font. Why replace images with a font you may ask? There are several advantages: * Fonts are scalable, so they look crisp at whatever size you want them * You can use all your font styles on these icons to style them (like size and colour) * All modern browsers support the download of custom fonts (there is a...
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  • Javascript Corner - jquery.lazyload

    I've used this usefully little plugin on several projects, and Scott Hansleman recently highlighted it in his Pinching pennies when scaling in The Cloud blog post. It's useful for situations where: You want to load images based on some convention but aren't sure if they exist You want to load only images that the use is able to see on their page Take this example that I've been working on this week. It's a leader board for our timesheeting application that shows the current top...
    Posted to Eric Phan's SSW Blog by on Fri, Apr 26 2013
  • Javascript Corner - jquery.cookie

    I'm trying to do a regular post on useful javascript libraries and plugins to existing frameworks such as jQuery , knockoutJs etc... So to kick things off, let me introduce jquery.cookie . This usefully little library allows you to get and set cookies on the client side. Now why might you want to do this? Serve up a generic cached page and personalize based on cookie information (a lot of sites do this, like eBay shows your name, but will still require you to sign in) Retrieve some information...
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  • Switching to Javascript and CSS Bundling in MVC 4

    I was working an an internal project that started on MVC 2, and has recently been upgraded to MVC 4. There's a lot of house keeping to do to keep the codebase maintainable. One custom piece of code that was implemented to make sure assets like javascript and css were not cached when a new version was released was implemented as follows: <link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" href = "@Url.Content(" ~/Content/themes/base/jquery-ui.css " + Versioning.Latest...
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  • Cleaning up your client side javascript with a templating engine

    Today, I was working on a code base for a time sheeting system. It does a lot of rendering on client side like retrieving appointments and source code comments from third party system and then renders it onto the page. Unfortunately, the javascript that did the rendering post ajax call was something like this: for ( var i = 0 ; i < wi . CheckinHistory . length ; i ++) { history += "<li><i class=\"add-note\" title=\"Add this checkin comment to the Notes field\">"...
    Posted to Eric Phan's SSW Blog by on Fri, Apr 12 2013
  • Running a stand-up meeting using Team Foundation Service (tfspreview)

    Here at SSW , we’ve been transitioning all our new projects onto Team Foundation Service . It’s been a pleasure to work with in all aspects of the application lifecycle. It’s main features are: A great UI for managing the tasks in a sprint Cloud based hosting, so you don’t have to worry about upgrades and server hardware It connects to Windows Live for authentication so you don’t need to create an Active Directory account for your clients Below is a video of how Microsoft...
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  • CRM 2011 Outlook Client - Stuck in reboot loop installing SQL Express

    Ran into this issue today when trying to install the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Microsoft Office Outlook where the installer would constantly ask for a reboot when trying to install “Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2008 (CRM)”. No matter how many times you rebooted it would always ask to reboot again. Note: This only happens if you use the “Offline” functionality. The solution to this is to manually install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express and call the instance...
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  • Use a custom TFS Work Item Query to keep track of what you’ve worked on today

    At SSW we need to record timesheets for all the work that we do. Normally keeping track of what you’ve worked on is difficult and you end up writing “Worked on web stuff” If you use TFS you can easily keep track of the Work Items that you’ve completed today You can then just copy and paste the results into your timesheets Read More...
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